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  • Most people Identify their water by how it looks, stains, tastes and smells. Although these are important factors they are primarily aesthetic properties of water. There are several ways a home owner can use to determine if they have a water problem and what the most likely cause may be. Whether you get your water from a private well or lake water source or from a municipal water treatment plant, you can face a range of potential water problems. Typically, well water, lake water and municipal water is safe to drink but contaminants can infiltrate your water supply. Many water sources can change during season changes or year after year. Some of these can be bacteria or water problems causing, staining, taste, odour, and discoloration.
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    For generations, water treatment professionals have relied on Pentair for innovative, dependable, high-quality systems and components. And for good reason. Pentair is the largest global supplier of water treatment products, providing the latest in state-of-the-art technology. As the company that invented the industry standard in several categories in which it plays, Pentair is committed to continuing that leadership.

    Mike's Water Treatment is a Pentair Authorized Dealer that has been using Pentair Water Treatment Products since 1996.

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  • I have used Mike from Mike's Water Treatment for a variety of domestic water needs since 2001. As a result of his superlative services provided, closing my camp and all the intricacies , installing major and minor water systems at my camp and at my home, and, and installing a 350 foot well system, for water out of the rental property. In addition to his expertise and all levels of water management, he has remained on call to me and responded very quickly to any emergency needs that I have required over the years. This man is skilled and dedicated and, honors his customers and provides superlative over-the-top service which is reliable and, without reproach. He comes highly recommended.

    Joel Andersen

  • After spending a small fortune on a drilled well, we were so incredibly discouraged to find out that the arsenic level in our water tested at 193 ug/L while as the maximum recommended limit is 10 ug/L. Other companies we consulted had no idea how to deal with this or quoted us a ridiculous price based on what they thought we might need. We consulted with a neighbour who also had an arsenic issue in his water and he referred us to Mike. What a relief to find out that it was not an uncommon problem and the solution could be put in place very quickly. Mike answered all our questions, with confidence. He is very knowledgeable and professional. A water sample was taken from the tap immediately after the system had been installed and the arsenic level came back a 2 ug/L. Absolutely Incredible! Thank you, Mike, for giving us peace of mind!

    Norm and Joanne Leblanc

  • Mike at Mike's Water Treatment is our "Go to Guy" for peace and mind, professional and knowledgeable experts for in-home water solutions. Water should not be taken for granted. We have trusted and dealt with Mike for over 20 years to inspect, maintain and care for our homes' water system. If dependability, fresh pure clean water is what you want for your family, look no further then Mike's Water Treatment for professional expert service with excellence. Mike's knowledge is second to none!

    Mark and Sonia Hartwick