• Autotrol Magnum Series

    Technology. Reliability. Performance

    Autotrol Magnum Valves cover a wide range of application, either softening or filtration for commercial and industrial applications, making it a brand of choice amongst water treatment professionals around the world. 

  • Fleck  Series

    Customization, Performance, Quality

    Fleck product line has a valve that sets you apart-something unique for specific customer needs. Whether the application is softening or filtration for residential, commercial or Industrial. Fleck has a proven record of performance and reliability year after year.


    2815 Stainless Steel Commercial Valve
    Built to Last

    The 1-1/2” downflow Pentair Fleck 2815 commercial valve is available with no hard water bypass option, and designed specifically to support many of the current Pentair Fleck timers and controllers.
    o LEAD-FREE CONSTRUCTION: 316 stainless steel valve body has higher purity and resistance to corrosion.
    o FLEXIBILITY: Designed to perform on most commercial softener sizes and use the same Pentair powerhead and controller options.
    o EASY SERVICE: Improved piston and seal and spacer cartridge for better service access.