• Are you spending money and time carrying heavy cases or jugs of drinking water? Your drinking water may look clear, taste good but it can have contaminants that may be harmful. Most of these contaminants cannot be tasted or seen and are not tested for.

    Mike's Water Treatment can provide you with clean, clear and fresh-tasting drinking water right from your tap for pennies a day. Mike's Water Treatment provides drinking water systems that produce high-quality drinking water in your own home using your water source. It can be from well water lake water, river water and municipal water. Mike's Water Treatment has a variety of Drinking Water Systems that can provide your needs for your preference for water quality.


  • Reverse Osmosis

    PURA Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System

    The Pura Reverse Osmosis (RO)Drinking Water Systems provides high-quality drinking water for your home or business. The Pura RO System is a compact RO unit that takes up very little space under your sink. The RO unit is neatly installed under the sink with a dedicated faucet installed above the sink. The Pura Reverse Osmosis system has quick change disposable cartridges. The Pura RO system has optional designer taps to match the existing faucet at your sink.

    The Pura RO System removes many contaminants in your drinking water that are simply not tested for Drinking Water Quality.

  • Standard Reverse Osmosis Systems

    The Standard Reverse Osmosis (RO) Drinking Water System is an economy under sink system. The drinking water system is neatly installed under the sink with a dedicated faucet above the sink. The RO unit has a small storage tank to ensure that you always have clean water at your fingertips. The RO units have optional designer faucets to match the finish of your existing faucet. The RO units are also available with booster pumps, some rural homes do not have enough water pressure to produce the drinking water.

  • PURA 475 Quick Change Water Filter Systems

    The Pura 475 Series Quick Change Drinking Water Systems are designed to provide high-quality drinking water in your home. The Pura Ultra-Filtration System offers 3,2 and 1 stage options to provide solutions for a variety of water problems. The Pura System removes sediment, chlorine, bad taste and odour. Also reduces, lead, pesticides, herbicides and chemicals. With the 475 Series systems, you can " Change filters in seconds without turning off the water! No tools required!