• Residential Warranty Conditions

    Our warranty applies to the original purchaser of the equipment from the date of purchase provided that the sales receipt is presented upon request.

    Each part or component is covered by the original manufacturer's warranty conditions. Mike's Water Treatment will coordinate warranty coverage for its customers with the manufacture of the equipment under the terms of the manufacturer's warranty. Warranty Conditions are in the product manuals or you can contact us for a copy.

    This Warranty does not cover damages to a component or parts of the products purchased resulting from improper installation by a DIY (do it yourself installation). Manufacturer warranties do not cover freezing or mishandling. All plumbing and electrical connections must be made in accordance with all local codes and regulations. This warranty does not cover any water or fire damages resulting from original inadequate or defective plumbing, low water pressure, pump problems; inadequate or defective house wiring, improper voltage, electrical connections; or violation of applicable plumbing and electrical codes. This warranty does not apply to the service life of the filter media. Only defects in materials and workmanship are covered.

    Satisfaction Guarantee

    Mike's Water Treatment offers a 1 year 100% satisfaction guarantee from date of Installation (does not apply to do it yourself installations). Mike's Water Treatment is committed to serving our customers. If you feel the water system you have purchased is not satisfactory or is not performing to your expectations, please contact Mike's Water Treatment at                    1-800-269-4387 to discuss your situation. If the water system is defective or improperly installed Mike's Water Treatment will repair, upgrade, or replace the water system at no additional cost to the customer.

    Please be aware that in some circumstances the water quality can drastically change in the source ( Well or Lake water) or a new water contaminant infiltrates the source water. This can cause equipment failure or water parameters to exceed performance limitations of the water treatment equipment. In these circumstances, Mike's Water Treatment is not responsible for equipment failure and the Satisfaction Guarantee is voided. Please contact Mike's Water Treatment to discuss a possible replacement or additional equipment upgrades. 

    Labour Warranty

    Mike's Water Treatment will provide a 1-year labour warranty from the date of installation to cover any labour costs incidental to the repair of a defective part or component replacement. If the part or component is found to be defective in materials or workmanship. Mike's Water Treatment will at its sole discretion have the option to repair or replace the defective part or component or if necessary return the parts or components to the original manufacturer for inspection. Mike's Water Treatment covers all shipping costs associated with shipping the part or component to the manufacturer for inspection. Mike's Water Treatment or the manufacturer will also inspect for possible damages incurred from tampering of equipment parts and components. All defects, damages or inspections of parts and components can only be verified by an authorized Mike's Water Treatment technician or the manufacturer of the original part or component.

    General Provisions

    Mike's Water Treatment assumes no responsibility for consequential damage, labour or expenses incurred as a result of a defect or failure to meet terms of this Warranty because of circumstances beyond its control. Mike's Water Treatment makes no other warranties expressed or implied, and its sales agents or technicians are not authorized to make any such warranties on behalf of Mike's Water Treatment. This warranty is null and void if any service, repairs are done other than a Mike's Water Treatment authorized Technician.

    These warranties and guarantees apply only to residential water systems.