• An AIO Filter ( AIR INJECTION OXIDIZING FILTER SYSTEM ) is an efficient and chemical-free system for the removal of iron, manganese and sulphur.

    An AIO system injects air in the top of the tank creating an air pocket. As the water passes through the air pocket, iron, manganese and sulphur are oxidized. The oxidized iron and sulphur is trapped in the oxidizing media bed.

    The AIO Filter System backwashes every couple days to removes the iron, manganese and sulphur that has been oxidized from the water ( traps in the media bed ). The regeneration process also adds a fresh air pocket to the system.

    Application Parameters pH (Minimum) 6.8 ,                      Iron (Maximum) 10 ppm, Manganese (Maximum) 2ppm and Sulphur (Maximum) 4 ppm. 

  • AquaBlaster

    Mike's AquaBlaster Water Filtration System. The AquaBlaster is the most advanced Water Filtration System in today's market with 20 years of proven technology.

    The AquaBlaster uses proprietary technology to eliminate many contaminants such as:

    • Hardness
    • Iron
    • Manganese
    • Hydrogen Sulphide
    • Raise pH
    • Turbidity
    • Iron and Manganese Bacteria
  • Water Softeners


    • Softens water, reducing hardness and scale.
    • Reduce time cleaning and save money on soaps, detergents and cleaning products.
    • Clothes stay whiter and colours stay brighter.
    • Reduces scale build-up on appliances and dishes.
    • Save energy costs on heating water.
    • Appliances last longer and more efficient.


  • Speciality Filters

    Tannin Filters:  Automatic Water Conditioner used for reducing colour caused by organics in water.                                                                                 Turbidity/sediment Filters:  Automatic Water Conditioner used for water that is cloudy or has a lot of sediment.                                                                                Heavy Metals: Automatic Water Conditioner used to reduce arsenic, lead and other heavy metals.                                                                                                   Corrosive water: Automatic Water Conditioner used for correcting the pH or Alkalinity of water (corrosive water).                                                                                                   Taste and Odour: Automatic Water Conditioner used to eliminate taste and odours in water.                                                                                                                    Chemical Feed Systems: Specially Designed Water Systems designed for difficult water problems requiring a chemical oxidizer such as chlorine or hydrogen peroxide to eliminate the contaminants.