• Franklin Jet Pumps

    Franklin Electric has the most versatile jet pumps the market has ever seen!

    Built for easy customization for a variety of performance needs. Franklin Jet Pumps are capable of lifting from 5’-100' depending on the pump model.

    Delivering up to 23 gallons per minute from either shallow well or deep wells. Designed and manufactured with high-quality durable materials, reliability, and performance you expect from Franklin Electric products.

  • Franklin Submersible Pumps

    Franklin Electric offers a wide array of submersible pumps designed for the movement of water.

    These submersible pumps feature proven components, able to withstand the harshest environments and provide superior performance for Residential and Light Commercial.

    Powered by corrosion-resistant Franklin Electric submersible 4-inch motor with lightning protection. The pump diameter is smaller than a standard 4-inch submersible for easier installation in reduced diameter wells. This reduced diameter pump end makes it ideal for installations where the well is considered encrusted or tight in comparison to a standard 4-inch pump.

  • Franklin SubDrive and MonoDrive Systems

    Franklin Electric’s SubDrive Utility and MonoDrive Utility offer simplified constant pressure solutions requiring only a small pressure tank,

    A constant pressure system meets your water demands no matter how many faucets or water appliances you need to run at the same time. These drives offer a more compact overall footprint compared to traditional submersible water systems while providing the added value of constant water pressure and built-in motor protection.

    Manufactured specifically for water pumping applications by a pump manufacturer, the company’s more than 14 years of drive engineering expertise is incorporated into each product design.

  • Grundfos Jet Pumps

    The Grundfos JP line of self-priming centrifugal jet pumps are designed for shallow well, deep well, and convertible shallow well pump applications.

    JP pumps provide excellent suction capacity. Motors are Totally Enclosed and Fan Cooled (TEFC) for quiet operation and superior protection in harsh environments. A full range of motor horsepower are offered from 1/2HP to 3HP. 1/2HP through 1HP are dual voltage (115/230V) and 1 1/2HP through 3HP are single voltage (230V).

    Grundfos JP pumps are particularly suitable for domestic water supply systems, light agriculture, industrial water transfer, and home and market gardens.

  • Grundfos Constant Pressure Systems

    The Grundfos range of SmartFlo systems are complete packages, from a single supplier, designed to provide constant water pressure in any home, irrigation or small commercial application.

    The SmartFlo system will constantly adapt pump performance to meet the demand for water. Even if every member of a household is using water at the same time – in the shower, in the kitchen, to wash the car, and to irrigate the lawn – the SmartFlo system makes sure that the water pressure remains constant.

  • Grundfos Submersible Pumps

    Grundfos is one of the world's leading pump manufacturers. No matter for which purpose an efficient and energy-saving pump solution is required, Grundfos offers a high-quality solution.

    Grundfos submersible well pumps are available in a wide range of sizes and materials to fit your application needs. A Grundfos submersible pump solution provides you with the best possible performance – underground as well as above ground.

    In addition to the pump itself, the solution consists of a specially designed submersible motor and a submersible motor control box. Combining these products, you are guaranteed an optimized water supply solution that will save you energy as well as money.