• Should I get my Water System serviced annually?

  • Most water systems do not require much maintenance, but water quality can change seasonally and can cause complications with your water systems. All water systems have moving parts or components that wear down. Water systems are the hardest working appliance in your home, you use water every day. It is important to protect your investment.

    Good News!

    Mike’s Water Treatment provides a 1-year labour warranty with all new purchases. The first service appointment is “free”

    A trained professional will come in after the first year of water system operation and determine how often your water conditioner should be serviced. The following is the recommended service provided for different water systems.

    Water Softeners

    • Test the water before the water softener to see if water quality has changed.
    • Inspect water softener performance.
    • Clean essential components.
    • Adjust the water softener setting for maximum optimization.

    Iron, Manganese and Sulphur Filters

    These water filters can require more service depending on your water quality. Iron, manganese and sulphur can fluctuate and can reduce performance and life of water filter.

    • Test the water to see if water quality has changed.
    • Inspect water system performance.
    • Clean all essential components.
    • Adjust water filter settings for maximum optimization.

    UV Systems

    UV systems protect your water from bacteria and viruses. UV System lamps lose intensity over time and need to be replaced annually. Mike’s Water treatment will inspect the UV system and replace the UV lamp. The cost of the UV lamp is not covered as it is required to be replaced annually.

    Drinking-Water Systems

    Drinking-Water Systems have cartridges that should be replaced annually to ensure drinking water quality. The cost of the filter cartridges is not covered as it is required to be replaced annually.

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